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This is something I wrote a while ago. It's Depressing. Posting it anyway.

Writer's Block: The Perfect Crime

What was the last thing you "got away with?"
Going to a friends house while their mom wasn't home and hanging out with some boys. OHHHH NOOOOO!!!
Still a virgin, cause a boys are icky (cooties, remember??? ).

Writer's Block: Back in Time

If you could travel in time, which era would you visit and why?

Renaissance Time Period would be awesome. Mainly cause I love the outfits and the culture but the lack of women's rights would irk me.

or Ancient Egyptian Time Period, cause they ROCKED too. Mainly cause the women were HAWT. Still irked about the womens rights.


    Ok!!!!!!!!! So everyone has probably thought that I've been eaten by bunnies. I just  thought I would post and let everyone I'm alive (though the bunnies are searching for my brains, lol).  Naked TwisterCollapse )


Alittle something for Valentine's day, 
which personally is the most ridiculous 
and pompous holiday a person could imagine.

Hope You Enjoy 
(Yes, The title sums this piece up nicely)


For a moment, the world stops spinning...Collapse )