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My Apocalypse

Glittering like the palest moonlight, your tears fall upon the earth. Do not fret, for the end of the world shall come far sooner than you think. As you look out upon this world and see the tattered remnants of all that we have created, do not fear the future. The world could end in a dash of bone wrenching cold, brought on by the inevitability of all things, of this world, the sun and stars to fade or end in fire, akin to the sun, eradicating those who molded and crafted its power, thinking they could control it. Or the very technology we’ve created to make this difficult life more bearable could break free from our tenuous hold and shatter our simple reality. But fear not, for you will be long gone before this happens.

Or will you?


Writer's Block: Message in a bottle

What three items would you place in a time capsule to help future generations understand you?
My Zune.

My Sketchbook and Art Supplies.

Boondock Saints.

Writer's Block: Raincheck!

If your best friend forgave his or her partner for cheating and lying, would you try to forgive him or her too? Would you find it difficult to spend time with them as a couple?
Yeah, it would be difficult to spend time with them as a couple. Cheating and Lying are among the most unforgivable offenses one can commit in a relationship. Plus, I know that if it ever did happen, my friend would be the first to roundhouse kick him to the face, soooo. LOL.
Would you rent or buy the home of your dreams if a brutal murder had taken place there? What if you got to live there rent-free? Would you think twice if neighbors warned you that it was haunted?

I would most likely live there anyway. I mean, really if it was rent free I don't know many people who would say no.

In Agony, She Screams.

I sit.

I’ve been sitting for a long time. Sitting here, wondering whether or not the world will still turn once we have all departed. When the world stops being fit for human population, will she still be the same? Or will she overtake our progress and technologies? Rise up and consume the gaudy embellishments we’ve scattered about.

Or will she cease her existence, too tired to struggle on. Explode in a mass of fire and light, or implode in a fit of darkness? However she ends her time, floating in this mass of stars and rock, she’ll find her peace. For anything is better than this agony we inflict.

This world, our plaything. We’ve been placed here, by whose will we might never know. And we molded and shaped this world to suit us.

She screams. Agony and pain. We cut her open and drilled down, desperate for things we’ve little right to. Consumed her very soul, it seems. We use whatever we desire, use it and throw it away, little pebbles of trash that form this mountain of insanity.

Do we truly deserve this glorious world? With its autumn leaves and summer rains, blanketing snows and fields awash with color? Forests fading, fields dying. She is old, far older than we can comprehend, and she is tired. So achingly tired and she knows her time is ending. It seems she has her plan, slow though it may seems.

She has seen our greed and judged us unworthy. These items we desire are precious and priceless. Once consumed forever gone. The trees spend ages living, only to be felled. For what, things to make our life easier? “Our” precious metals seem to gleam, even tarnished with age, until unknowingly, they are returned to her. Taken back within her bosom and cherished, loved.

Now, irony it seems has a way of finding the most peculiar situations. Whether we were placed her by some omniscient being or formed by her loving hands, she is still our mother. She is the air we breathe and the food we eat. Our home and burial ground. Even we return to her. Fall down upon the earth and enrich it, giving more in our death than ever in our lives. Now why would we seek to destroy our entire world?

Our ignorance and foolishness is overwhelming.


Writer's Block: Sick Day

What is your favorite thing about being sick?
Well, its a tie between the sleeping, the laying out of school, and spending the time I'm not asleep on the internet.

Writer's Block: Autumn Begins

Autumn starts today! How do you personally sense the change in seasons? Is Autumn more of a season in itself, or a transition period?
I fucking LOVE autumn. Its like I get this really happy feeling inside when I go outside.



Writer's Block: Banished to Space.

If you were exiled to outer space, where would you be sent and what would you bring along?

 I would probably be sent as far as possible. But as long as I had my music and my art stuff and Kristina

(to otherwise preseve my insanity.), then I would probably be fine.